The Easy Way To Meditate

A few weeks ago I posted an article about Creating New & Lasting Habits and one of the habits I wanted to master was meditation. I can report to you that so far things are going great. I listened to my own advice and the habit has fallen into place without any extra stress or […]

Being Busy Is Not A Badge of Honour.

“Whatcha been up to?” “I’ve been soooo busy.” You hear it all the time, right? It’s like it’s a badge of honour and if you haven’t been busy, then somehow something’s not right about that. People that are busy are often keeping themselves this way to disguise deeper emotional issues, they are fatigued, drained, unmotivated […]

The Art Of Continuous Improvement

We are going a little Eastern today with a philosophy that kicks ass when it comes to achieving stuff. I think deep down we all want to improve ourselves, even slightly, but being on the self development train can often feel like you’re travelling through the Rocky Mountains of Canada. The journey can be up, […]

Everyone Is Talking About Sleep

In the personal training world, I see clients coming to the gym tired and stressed on a daily basis. They come to see me because they want to feel better and most people think that a good hard workout will get them there. I might be doing myself out of business but the fact is […]