Quick Shot Tools For Success

ViPR Training with Aaron Callaghan – http://www.peak40.co.nz

Pre-Workout assessment

Most of us have been conditioned to think that to get the results we want at the gym we’ve gotta sweat it out and bust our ass every time we go. For some this is a great way to reach their goals but is this sustainable long term and how does it affect your everyday life?

Consider this; you have a young family so your sleep is interrupted or isn’t what you’d call quality. You have a job you don’t really love but you gotta pay the bills. Bills are rising and stressing you out. Your nutrition has gone down the gurgler because you’re tired and motivation is lacking, plus you think that a protein bar will do the trick. Your hydration is woeful because you rely on energy drinks and coffee to get you through the day. You feel like you need to workout because you’re not happy with your body image and you think that if you get in better shape your wife will think you’re hot.

How do you think you’ll feel if you go and smash yourself at the gym after a sustained period of living like this? Would you be ready to go home and play with the kids, help with chores and have meaningful conversations with your loved ones?

Without getting too technical on you it’s my belief that this is a recipe for a breakdown and injury. It’s not sustainable.

Lets bring some balance back to our lives. We can start by adjusting our attitude towards training.

I use a scale to dictate how hard I will push myself during a session.

Ask yourself these questions;

Lifestyle – Do I feel rested and did I get a quality sleep? Am I recovered? Am I hydrated?

Movement – Have I moved well in the past 24hrs or have I been sitting at a desk for 8 hours? Am I stiff and feel fragile?

Emotion – How am I feeling emotionally? Am I stressed?

So lets rate each category. 1 = Good to go. 2 = Average. 3 = Poor

If you total score is 7-9 then its possible that you’re in no state to stress your body even more….Exercise = Stress. The solution here is to play. Shoot some hoops, play tennis, throw a ball around, swim in the ocean, get on the floor and play with the kids, jump on a Powerplate, play with a balloon or do a stretching/rejuvenation session. It’s most important that you don’t stress your body more. Do stuff that makes you smile and laugh.

If you score 4-6 then it’s possible that you are stressed but still ok to push your body a bit. If I were your trainer I would incorporate a lot of play/games with some Powerplate alongside some traditional exercises. I wouldn’t get your heart rate up high for long periods but you’d still feel a sweat.

If you score 1-3 then we are good to go. We have a great balance and I can feel confident that you can handle a session where your heart rate can sustain being high. This is where a HIIT workout or F45 and CrossFit work well or even a session at Pivotal Health & Fitness….wink wink.

It’s all got to do with balance; sleep, hydration, movement, emotions, nutrition. Get all these in balance and you will see results.




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