When Cool Things Happen #2

IMG_4259It’s really cool!

Every week I drop some wisdom into your inbox. These little gems are just a collection of things that help me through daily life.

Mistakes I’ve made this week (& the lessons learned)

I thought that to be a good leader I had to get people to do what I want them to do. I didn’t really think about autonomy and what the people around me actually want. It’s not so much a mistake but something that I’m learning more about. Elite sports teams are much like running a business. I think there is much that each group can learn from each other. To run a successful business you have to have all of your ‘team’ working together towards a single goal. If there is a broken link then the ‘team won’t work efficiently. I’m starting to believe that my experiences with elite sport & fitness may in some way help business leaders….hmm

Social Media Warm & Fuzzy’s

Aaron Fotheringham is a guy who has no concept of fear. Anything and everything is ‘possible’ to him. He’s a guy who’s found his passion and he works dam hard at it. He’s also getting a little philosophical as he matures.

Each crash I experience has a lesson behind it, I crashed because I made an error and I try to learn from each failed attempt…We all go through struggles, just sit back, take a breath and ask yourself what am I supposed to learn from this? Everything we go through helps us grow. I love all of you and if you’re going through a hard time, stay positive, and don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.#alwayslookforapositive #crashingsucks #perfectiontakespractice  #360s #windyday #tailwindhelped #WCMX  #Boxwheelchairs

Leaders To Follow

Sean Croxton ran a hugely successful podcast for 7 years. His goal was to uncover the hidden truths surrounding health & nutrition. Underground Wellness cuts through the bullshit that appears to be prevalent in the health industry and gets to the core of what health really is. He leaves his ego at the door and is renowned as one of the best interviewers going around. Check him out at www.undergroundwellness.com


This week I signed up to the Fitness Professionals Global Summit where  I got to listen to some of the worlds top fitness professionals talk about the future of health and fitness. We are facing a changing climate in this industry and I want to be ready and immersed in these changes as they happen so I can help people more effectively.

Get Moving

Movement is the key. What ever you do throughout your day make sure that you move every now and again. Just move. Change the way you sit. Go for a walk.

This exercise will tax you so go at your own pace.

See ya next week!


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