When Cool Things Happen #4

IMG_2609It’s Really Cool!

This week has been big! I picked up 2 new clients at Pivotal Health & Fitness and I’m feeling a lot more confident in how I deliver my programs. I’m relying less on a set program, prepared the day before, and adapting specifically to my clients needs when they come in. It’s challenging that way but its also a lot more fun. The best feedback I can ever get is someone saying to me that they really enjoyed our session.


Georgia and I had our 20-week scan and we have a healthy bubba growing at a rate that makes me smile. It’s very hard to believe this is actually happening.

I finished my tattoo sleeve on my left arm….why I put myself through that sort of pain is crazy but I’m stoked with the final result…no more, though!

There have still been some good lessons this week, the most important being something I read in a book about Stoicism. I reckon we are all fairly guilty of wanting to live a life of luxury. We all want nice things and our obsession with consumerism is driving us to always want bigger and better things. We also compare ourselves with what other people have, forming judgments if they don’t have good stuff or stressing ourselves out with wanting what we don’t have.

This is not an easy conundrum to solve in ourselves. It’s almost like we are hard-wired to feel this way.

So I have a question for you. Those who crave a luxurious life typically have to spend considerable time and energy to attain it whereas if they focussed on the necessities of life they could use that time and energy for other things. What are you holding onto that you could do without? Why do you feel the need to have particular items? What items do you feel control you…could you let these things go and, therefore, the stress associated with these things.

I’m not saying live a life of poverty but how many times have you desired with all your heart and energy something trivial like a new phone, a new couch or a diamond ring and when you get it an hour later it becomes a non-event and you want something even better. In my opinion this is a form of control. It’s ok to have nice things but only if you could give that stuff up in a heartbeat and not be devastated….now that’s a skill!

I’m all about harmony and eliminating stress from my life so that I can live in balance. If I’m using energy on shit that doesn’t really matter I’m not in harmony.

Social Media Warm and Fuzzy’s


I didn’t manage to get you a post but this stuff fascinates me. These guys are awesome. The Minimalists help to de-clutter your life through their blog and they’re making a movie. Check out this preview http://minimalismfilm.com/watch/



Articles & Books I’m Reading


This one will clear up the whole calorie in calorie out argument in a really simple way. Precision Nutrition are simply the best at what they do. Go to http://www.precisionnutrition.com/metabolic-damage and stop stressing about counting calories!!!

That’s it for this week but if you have any questions hit me up on Facebook.



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