When Cool Things Happen #5


Ningaloo Reef. Exmouth. Western Australia
 Come look and see the delights I have for you this week.

Social/Media/ Warm & Fuzzies

Every week I listen to Tim Ferriss’ podcast and honestly I want to share every one of them with you because not only are they relevant to my life but they are full of helpful tips and motivation. Did you ever think you could make a full time living by being a poet? A poet! Sekou Andrew’s is the best of the best but he says don’t come crying to him about how shit your job is when he has made his career out of the subject everyone hated at school. 

He has combined the art of corporate speaking with spoken word poetry to from a new genre called Poetic Voice. His talks are fun to listen to and wow are they powerful. Here is a sample that I’m sure you will enjoy. http://theawesomeanthem.com

Why do I consistently share these types of people with you? Because there are so many useless role models out there who are famous for nothing. I want the attention brought to people who are actually making a difference in people’s lives. 

The Big Lessons of This Week

Preparation is key. I’m notorious for double booking myself and not checking my calendar. So apart from checking my diary 5 times a day some of the things that help me to prepare for the week are; 

* • Making  sure I have enough food to get me through the next few days. This may sound weird but I get distracted and forget to eat and then I get very low in energy and feel crap. Weekends are when I make a plan for my food, cook it and make sure I have left overs for lunch or dinner the next night. I eat food that makes me full so that I don’t snack…when I do snack its usually something with good fat – avocado, nuts, tuna, sardines etc. I always start my day with some form of high quality animal protein. Even my protein powder is sourced from grass fed cows milk whey. 

* • I’m a list guy. Careful with this though because it can lead to disappointment and frustration/stress if you don’t complete your list. If its on the list it will usually get done…but if it doesn’t I don’t worry about it. I have so much going in n my head that if I don’t write my thoughts down I stress about forgetting them. 

* • Figure out whats most important in your life and prioritise it. If it doesn’t match up with your values, beliefs or goals put it to the bottom. If it won’t propel you towards your goals, ditch it.

* • Narrow the focus and turn off distractions. Get shit done by blocking other stuff out. Reward yourself upon completion but concentrate dam it! 

Recipe I’m Loving 

Growing up mum always made us the best pumpkin soup ever but I think I might have surpassed her. So here goes… fry up some quality bacon, onion and garlic in a big pot. Add some (half teaspoon) Keens curry powder, crushed coriander seeds, cumin & tumeric. Throw in potatoes, pumpkin & sweet potatoe and boil with quality organic stock ( I use chicken). Once the veges are soft, add half a can of coconut cream & chuck the blender in there to whaz it up until its smooth. Delicious. Nutritious. 

Movement for the week 

Thoracic mobility is not just important for me but it’s a key component in setting up a strong  foundation for back care. This exercise can be done standing or you can step into it in a lunge position. 


Leaders to Follow & Books to Read

Kamal Ravikant is one of my favourite authors. His two books have helped me a lot. His simple lessons are easy to follow. Love Yourself.


With all that said and done I hope you have a great week


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