Whole Body Vibration

WBV is a tool that I use extensively at the gym I work at, Pivotal health & Fitness.

You’ve seen these right? Vibe_main

What we use in the gym are quite different. First of all, they are modern, functional and have multiple benefits. I won’t go into the science of how it works because that’s not the nature of this blog but for those people who like to know the details please visit https://powerplate.com/news-and-media/videos

There hasn’t been much if any, scientific research done on whole body vibration because there aren’t many people using this technique but that doesn’t mean much, it’s still great. The ancient Greeks used this form of rehabilitation to promote Human Growth Hormone to speed up healing, remove toxins and helped the body to self-repair more effectively.

Is this just another fad?

I can understand your skepticism. Let me put it this way. If you use a Power Plate you will only have something to gain and it will only cost you the time it takes to use it. There is no harm in trying it. If you believe that it works then that’s another step you can take towards its effectiveness. My guess is that after trying it you will realise that you feel better.

It’s as simple as stepping on a vibration plate and pressing go.

In its simplest form….WBV benefits every cell in the body and this can be done quickly.


  • You get stronger
  • The circulatory system is given a kick start
  • Flexibility is increased because you are freeing up stuck connective tissue
  • Decreases stress throughout your whole system
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Increases lymphatic flow and removes toxins
  • Improves bone density through imposing force (imposing in a nice way)
  • Improve hydration and lubrication of the tissues. Most of us are dehydrated!
  • Enhances healing and blood flow to affected areas
  • Can decrease discomfort and pain without taking drugs

By vibrating your body at high velocity you experience a buzzing type of feeling and areas that are sore can cease to restrict you. I use the Power Plate in conjunction with different movements like a sit and reach or it is a relaxing and effective way to lower my client’s heart rate in between sets while at the same time flushing out toxins…It’s a great way to relax.

For me, I put my feet on it and press go. This type of treatment helps with my bone density, which is severely low due to my inability to bear weight but it’s also fantastic for my blood flow, which is also very limited in my legs.

My advice…. If you see a Power Plate at your gym ask a trainer to help set you up. I can fully recommend that these things are an awesome tool.


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