Post Wedding Bliss & A Down For the Count Moment

IMG_5091On the 12th of March, I married the girl of my dreams. I’m writing this post somewhere up in the atmosphere, in the clouds, where I’ve been perched for the past 10 days. I never expected this feeling to be so good. I knew being married was going to feel amazing but this is beyond my expectations.

I don’t know how but I feel different. I carry myself differently now, like I’m walking/rolling taller, like I can now somehow burst the buttons off my shirt by flexing my chest muscles. I reckon I could even back a trailer down a driveway and not mess it up, like real men can. I feel like I’m ready to be a dad.

It’s so weird. It’s just a ring and a public (and legal) commitment to a person I love. We signed some papers, had a party…nothing really has changed, but it has.

We got engaged in Fiji last November at the Nurture Change Retreat and by December, we were full on into planning mode. Let’s get this done!

Our brief was simple; if it’s going to stress us out lets not do it. So with that in mind, our wedding was unconventional and more like a 21st birthday but with a short ceremony to kick it off.

The venue was a retro surf club overlooking Port Phillip Bay at Mentone Beach and we had all of our closest friends and family in attendance. It was a typical Autumn day but still warm… a little windy but perfect in all other ways.

It was as overwhelming as it was exciting.

By keeping things simple our day went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time, including us.

Georgia got ready at her sister’s house and was driven to her Dads house where I was waiting for her. The plan was to enter the wedding together hand in hand. The moment she got out of the car and made her way to greet me I started to cry tears of emotional joy, sobbing with happiness, uncontrollably. I was smacked in the face with how beautiful she looked and I wept like the big softy I am.

Our celebrant, Benny Roff, was a witty and unique gentleman who made us laugh and cry with stories of how Georgia and I met. He helped us out with our vows that also had a humorous tone to them. Weddings are boring so we wanted to keep people on their toes and Benny certainly kept everyone guessing with his off the wall approach. We loved it.

After the ‘formalities’ it was time for some food, some drinks and a good old-fashioned rock band to take us into the night, with a few speeches thrown in the mix.

To say that March 12, 2016, was the best day of my life is no exaggeration. I can’t believe how happy this moment has left me but I reckon the best is yet to come when our baby arrives in July.

Anyway moving along…

I worked throughout the entire week leading up to and post wedding because I felt that I couldn’t let my clients down. They mean a lot to me. I also had one of my best mates and another friend staying at the house for 10 days over that period. You could say I burned the candle at both ends. My emotions were running high, I wasn’t feeling rested even though I wasn’t stressed as all but there was a shitload going on and by Friday afternoon I was curled up on the couch with a horrendous head cold that knocked me flatter than a Mike Tyson right hook.

I rarely get sick enough that it flattens me and especially for two and a half days so it was somewhat of a shock to realise that I may have pushed myself a little too hard. I usually shrug off the ‘man flu’ and get on with my day but this time, my body said no way! So Netflix got a workout instead.

There are all kinds of remedies to deal with colds and flu’s but as with most of the things I approach in life I like to keep it simple. I stay away from cold and flu tablets from the chemist and prefer to just get some nasal spray so I can breathe and flush out all the gunk. I just feel that all that other stuff messes with my body too much with way too many chemicals.

Georgia got me some chicken broth and also made a minestrone soup and I managed to find the energy to make a tea with lemon, ginger, honey and a few other herbs. Nutrition, hydration and rest were the keys to a speedy recovery.

I hated being knocked flat and tried as hard as I could to fight it but, in the end, it was important that I let go and just try to recover even though my head was telling me I’m being lazy and should be productive.

I’m back on track now but this was a good lesson for me. With our first child due in July things will be turned upside down again and if I don’t look after myself I’ll be forced to take time out that I can’t afford to take. I’m really glad this lesson came now and not later.

While I was down and out I managed to read a good little book called Remote; Office Not Required, by David Heinemeier Hansson & Jason Fried I’ve always had a desire to take my PT business online and this was the motivation I needed. I think it’s possible….What do you think? Instead of going to a gym would you be interested in having a virtual coach that provided fitness, mindset and nutrition plans online? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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