Pooh, Wee, Spew & Everything In-between

You will all probably know by now that I’m a Personal Trainer by trade and this blog is all about how to make some improvements in your life in a way that has been tried and tested by yours truly. But this blog is also about the experiences I have and how they shape my life through the little gems I find and also, the mistakes I make.

It’s taken me a little while to find the time, energy and headspace to tackle this post. I still don’t think I’m quite there yet but I can’t hold back any further. I’ve gotta get this out there.

I love to write and share my experiences and what better topic to talk to you about than my 4-week old son, Lenny, who, right now, is beside me in his bassinet grunting away like a wounded goat, dreaming about waterfalls of milk.

Whoever coined the term slept like a baby clearly has no kids. I was so surprised to find out that babies are the noisiest, most restless sleepers I’ve ever come across. They grunt, moan, fart, sigh and breathe heavily. Any grown person making those noises in public would be ridiculed.

IMG_5934So I’ll back the truck up a bit here. 4 weeks ago little Lenny came into the world, our first child. What a ride it has been since then and I just can’t believe where the time has gone. It’s astounding. I mean I just got married, Georgia just got pregnant and now, holy crap, I’m a dad and there’s a little person relying on me to keep him alive.

I won’t make this post full of clichés but most of them ring true.

It’s true that your sleep patterns are turned on their head, pooh, wee & spew become part of your life & things that you previously thought important become redundant. Stupid things like needing to replace the screen on your phone become one of those things that will probably never get done whereas before if there was one scratch on it would be off to the shop to get a new screen, straight away.

Lenny doesn’t just pooh, wee & vomit he projectiles them across the room.  It’s like he’s being exorcised. Georgia, my wife, has become an expert at multi-tasking. She can reach for a nappy while blocking a fountain of pee in her other hand, while dancing on one foot. Amazing.

No amount of pre-natal class inspiration can prepare you for the real thing. We knew what we were getting into but the reality of all this is vastly different to any advice we were given.

But despite the grossness of baby gunk you really wouldn’t have it any other way. And it just becomes the stuff that you clean up, like the dishes.

I like to think that the way Georgia and I have reached the one-month landmark is through really good teamwork. Ego gets left outside to make this work and the two us just get on with it, working in unison. At this stage, she takes care of 99% of Lenny’s cares and I take care of 99% of Georgia’s needs. I make sure that she is in the best possible state to be able to feed our son.

IMG_5975Many Dads’ at this point feel left out because there’s not much they can do unless the bub is bottle-fed. But for me, knowing that I can make sure everything else in the background runs smoothly so that mum and bub are not stressed is a job that is positively rewarding.

There are many lessons to be learned in these early months, not only about your baby but lessons about yourself. You are forced to change so much and adapt and there is no more I, it becomes us. It’s wonderful.

I can already feel that I’m more in tune with the world like I’m in a special club or something. I feel less selfish but I also feel strong and protective. I’m tired but every day my eyes are open to whatever possibilities are shown to me. My focus has narrowed and peripheral things that are unimportant are not clogging up my thinking. I saw this in my great friend Steve Pirie when his 2 kids taught him to slow down and appreciate every given moment with them. He turned his life around and is now an ever-present Dad and an even smarter entrepreneur. Having Lenny in my life has hammered this home for me, my focus is clearer now but it is a lesson I couldn’t grasp without his arrival.

I love being a Dad. It’s still a bizarre concept to me right now but when I have Lenny in my arms I feel amazing. I feel lucky. He doesn’t do much right now and it would be folly to wish away these precious moments and focus on when he can interact a bit more, but for now, every moment with him is a blessing and I’m completely in love.

So, so far so good. Lenny is a good kid. He has put on 975 grams in 2 weeks and his rolls give him a chubby look. A fat baby is a healthy baby apparently. He loves showers and then some naked mat time in front of the heater. Every day he is becoming more & more alert. He’s got a full head of hair with blonde highlights and sleeps 20 hours a day. He has a few nicknames including; fathead, squeak, Buddha & the beast.

Who knows what lessons I’ll learn this week but I do know that every time I go to the gym to work with my clients I simply cannot wait to get home to my family.


Love and peace to you all.


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