About Me

IMG_4259Need some help with your health, fitness, wellness or maybe just some inspiration to achieve those pesky goals you have shelved?

My name is Curtis and I am on a mission to change societies relationship to health, fitness, nutrition and well-being. My philosophy is that health and well-being should be accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

It’s difficult these days to sift through all the different bits of advice around health, fitness and nutrition. There are so many conflicting messages that it becomes very confusing. I bet there are a lot of you out there that have tried many times to get it right but end up right where you started.

This blog is my way of sharing with you the things I have learned over my years as an athlete and more recently as a qualified personal trainer.

I’ve been an athlete for a very long time and my body has been broken down. I’m on a journey to repair it using nutrition, supplements and movement based exercise, plus other things like meditation and I’ll let you know what I reckon is worth trying. Some of it will work for you but some of it won’t.

My goal by the end of 2016 is to be a qualified Health Coach so that I can offer you even more expertise.

In reading this blog I hope that you keep an open mind to some of the weird and whacky concepts that you may not be accustomed to and maybe offer some of your own thoughts.AXXESS TRAINING