Creating New & LASTING Habits

There are things about my life that I would like to improve but creating a new habit and then sticking to that habit can be frustrating and defeating. Without a concrete plan, habits die like the autumn leaves…. This is great for me to write about because by making this a public statement it will […]

Blue Skies & Nudie Swims

I’m sure you have noticed that despite being a fitness professional I don’t always write about health & fitness (H&F) stuff. The tagline of this site is, ‘a simple blog about how to live a good life.’ H&F is vitally important to living a good life but there is so much more and it’s these […]

Whole Body Vibration

WBV is a tool that I use extensively at the gym I work at, Pivotal health & Fitness. You’ve seen these right?  What we use in the gym are quite different. First of all, they are modern, functional and have multiple benefits. I won’t go into the science of how it works because that’s not […]

When Cool Things Happen #5

  Come look and see the delights I have for you this week. Social/Media/ Warm & Fuzzies Every week I listen to Tim Ferriss’ podcast and honestly I want to share every one of them with you because not only are they relevant to my life but they are full of helpful tips and motivation. Did […]

When Cool Things Happen #4

It’s Really Cool! This week has been big! I picked up 2 new clients at Pivotal Health & Fitness and I’m feeling a lot more confident in how I deliver my programs. I’m relying less on a set program, prepared the day before, and adapting specifically to my clients needs when they come in. It’s […]

When Cool Things Happen #3

The Lessons Learned This Week Success comes in many forms. This week I took particular notice of the many great things in my life that I may take for granted now and then. Tim Ferriss had a conversation with Seth Godin, who to anyone that knows him would consider him a very successful person. But […]